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Are you a physio and need a reformer in your clinic?


Or, do you need extra reformers to fulfill class numbers?  Having Pilates Reformers (or even just one) will allow you to offer your patients a whole new rehabilitation option. Most practices now use Clinical Pilates for optimal rehabilitation benefits, so without making the commitment of buying, why not rent and see the benefits for yourself? ​ In addition to the increased benefits to your clients, the below pricing may help you decide if hiring a reformer is a good option for you:  Average Revenue Costs of Clinical Pilates: ​ One-on-One Pilates; $180/hour Classes: $210/hour (6 in class) Small group session: $195/hour  (3 in session). ​

Would you like to workout at home?


Having a reformer in your home, the benefits speak for themselves! will save you rushing out to classes a few times per week.  Have the freedom to workout in your own time, as often as you like - saving you money and time.  ​ This option is perfect for those with young children, busy families, or stressful jobs with long hours.  If you work from home - maximise your perks by hiring a reformer and doing your workouts with ease during your lunch hour! ​ Contact us for delivery options.

At your workplace you can

share it with colleagues!



Another option is asking your employer if you can hire a reformer for staff to use before/after work or on lunch breaks.   ​ Keeping a healthy mindset and body whilst on-site, within your office building, can reduce musculoskeletal injuries at work.  It will provide a happier, healthier workplace all-round! As physio's, we have seen first-hand the knock-on effect that workplace injuries can have on employees, their families, the employers and the business itself. By providing prophylactic rehabilitation and exercise, we know we can make a big difference to your workplace health and environment. ​ Your employer will be pleased to keep their employees healthy and happy.....they might even hire it for you!..

What YOU need?: some space!…That is all. Each reformer is approximately 2.5m in length, so for a few reformers, an unused office or conference room is easily converted to your very own Pilates Studio!

The A8 Align Pro Reformer

This reformer is brand new for 2020 and is the updated version of the flagship commercial Pilates reformer, the A2. The A8 Pro has a completely new runner profile and runs on 8 PU wheels (rather than 4  nylon wheels of the preceding A2 models), this new platform offers a quieter ride, improved handling of cross loading forces and reduced maintenance. It has the longest travel of any standard Pilates Reformer suited to all patients and higher legs or back pain patients.  The A8-Pro the new star in the Align-Pilates lineup.

reformer photo2.jpg

Split Pedal Wonder Chair

The Align-Pilates PAPCHAIR3 Split Pedal Combo Chair III Offers a Choice of 16 Spring Positions and 2 Spring Strengths to Provide a Wide Variety of Resistances

The latest iteration of Align-Pilates' popular wunda chair!  Though looking similar to its predecessor, the Combo Chair III features a number of Patented enhancements to refine the smoothness and quietness of operation, taking this chair to new levels. The new features include a new pedal locking mechanism, revised pedal axle with roller bearings, new rubber coated silent spring hooks, and chromed spring tree for improved durability. The Align Pilates PAPCHAIR3 Split Pedal Combo Chair is equipped with removable handles that adjust easily via a single "twist and pull" knob and offers a height range from 115cm to 145cm. 

We will deliver your reformer(s) to you.  Please contact us if require introductory sessions or one-on-one sessions (this is essential if you have not used reformers in the past).


Instruction classes for business and their employees can be particularly valuable to assess your employee’s ‘wants and needs’.  Exercise prevention programmes can be provided, with visual instructions for all staff to follow.

Once delivered, no assembly is required, and the reformers are ready to use immediately - as much and as often as you'd like!  We will endeavor to help you in any way we can. 


1. Choose equipment

Decide how many reformers you require.


Is it for home/personal use?

Would like to run classes (6-9 reformers)?

2. Choose a rental term 

The longer you rent, the cheaper it becomes. We offer a 6 month, 12 month or 18 month hire.


(12 week terms may be available upon request) 

3. CaLl or email to book

Booking is easy, contact us with your requirements and we will get back to you with availability and costing. Payments must be set up fortnightly or paid as a one off payment.

A deposit is required for all equipment on hire.

4. DElivery 

We will endeavor to deliver your equipment to you at a time that suits you and as soon as possible following deposit payments.



Cost depends upon location, please enquire for an accurate delivery quote. 

PAckage A

ONE piece of equipment

Choose either a Reformer or a Wonder Chair

Flat Rate $55/week

(12 weeks minimum)



Package B

THREE pieces of equipment

Choose either 3 x Reformers or 

2 x Reformers and 1 x Wonder chair

Flate Rate $125/week

(6 months minimum)

Package C

SIX pieces of equipment

Choose a combination of 6 x Reformers or swap some reformers for up to 3 x wonder chairs. 

Flat Rate $240/week

(6 months minimum)

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